Entry #2

Best of the best!

2010-10-11 18:21:22 by NorwegianGuy

MarkySpark! <--- visit his account for the best music on Newgrounds!

It's been over a year since I got my Newgrounds account, so I'm not a n00b anymore. I haven't been here every single day, but I've spent quite many hours here - and I've been able to climb up to level 12.

I'm trully impressed with all the highly talented people on this site. I have no animations myself, but I know how hard flash movies are to make.

My personal favorite animators:
- HotDiggedyDemon
- Oney
- HappyHarry
- Egoraptor
- DestructoBox
- Eddsworld

My favorite music artist:
- MarkySpark
- Hania

All of theese are just EXEPTIONALLY talented!

This is my humble opinoin, from a Norwegian guy =)

MarkySpark account - the BEST music on NG

Best of the best!


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