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Deliciously random! =D

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Good as always - but why does all your 2012 videos look a little "out of focus"?

Your earlier videos didn't look like this, so what happened?

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Top score - wihtout a doubt!

This is the BEST flash animation I've seen so far this entire year!

I almost never watch the same Newgrounds movie more then once - but I've watched this several times a raw - and I still love it! I laugh every time!

I eagerly await more episodes of this already immortal series!

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Except from the fact that this totally f***ed up my eyes this was awesome =)

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By FAR the funniest game here on Newgrounds!

I've always been a sucker for parodies, and this one pressed the space button in my heart!

In addition the voice acting is exellent and the music is awesome! Trully a brilliant job!

Favorited and 5/5


Anyone who would give this any less then 10/10 have no soul!

Both Hansel and Gretel games are jus EPIC!

Thank you for making such a imaginative, clever, well designed and artistic game! You are brilliant! =)

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You sound like a good actor, and you have a very good voice

The only thing that's really pulling this down is the microphone noise. Like at 0:10 you can hear your voice breaks thru the microphone.

If possible, you should have a filter, and this would be perfect!


This was even better then I expected!

A perfect mix of Christmas classics!

Merry Christmas everyone! =D


That's the best way to describe this song - full of beauty!

I can tell Heather is someone you trully care for. Maybe even your girlfriend?

And just like many of your songs, it's nostalgic and melodic at the same time

5/5 10/10

MarkySpark responds:

Thanks for the review Erskild.

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I can tell jokes about awesome Norwegian guys.

Also, 5 stars for exellent work!

ToonHole responds:

Welp, username passes the litmus test...

Johny Utah

This looks a lot like Johny Utahs drawing style.

If you haven't seen his vids you should check him out, and you'll see what I mean ;)

But anyway - awesome picture! =)

Very nice!

Very nice work!

Smooth drawing and splendid colouring. The only thing that brings this down is that she got hair dryers for pistols.

Draw real guns next time - details are important ;-)

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Sashura responds:

haha yeah they totally look like hairdryers and/or dicks

im not good at drawing guns, so this was the best i could do for now
thanks for the comment

I´m a guy from Norway, who works as a director of photography, film editor and associate producer. And I love it =)

29, Male


University of Oslo



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